OVID'S chain Necklace. 18kt Gold, 925 silver 

Sovereign caddy spoon. 925 silver, 18kt gold granulation

GONZO is a British jewellery studio from Abigail Asher.

After receiving a First Class Bachelor of Arts at the Manchester School Of Art and completing a postgraduate residency for Jewellers and Silversmiths at the Bishopsland Educational Trust, she is a current member of the Starter Studio Programme at the Yorkshire Art-Space, Sheffield. 

With a background in textiles and three-dimensional design, abigail takes her inspiration from an eclectic mix of indulgent renaissance artworks and bold, utilitarian objects

of the everyday. Further influenced by distinctions of social class

and the integration of these opposing cultures, Abigail designs and

hand makes jewellery to compliment the beauty and constraints of the human condition.